A Path for Transformation.

A Social Mission

Second Grace is a unique two-year program designed to provide a three-prong holistic approach in supporting local, at-risk single moms so they can approach parenting and the professional world with confidence. 

Second Grace believes:

  • Through hard work and support, these young women can be given a second chance to rewrite their future.
  • A sense of belonging to a greater community can improve motivation, health, and happiness.
  • Providing a young woman with job etiquette and job skills will help her be marketable in the future, while potentially helping to build self-esteem and self-worth.  
  • Transformation can occur with inspiration and encouragement.

How did we get here?

Second Grace is a grass roots organization started when our founder saw an unmet need for young women involved in child welfare to have more supports and resources, including a mentor they could count on as a positive role model, someone to call for an emergency ride to work, or just moral support.


How does it work?

Mental health professionals, in partnership with Lancaster County Children and Youth, will refer at-risk mothers between the ages of 18-25 to the Second Grace program. An evaluation and referral from the Agency will determine the readiness of a mother for the positive, life transforming path provided by Second Grace.

This is not a mandated program. The single mom can choose to enter the program, gaining empowerment right from the start when she agrees to be a “Grace”!

Get Involved!

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501(c) 3 non-profit organization